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Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph

Protecting Children and the Vulnerable


A message from the friars

Our life is rooted in deep Christian commitment to all those whom we serve.

To those we have failed to protect because one of our brothers sexually abused, we sincerely apologize. Although we are unable to undo the past, we have come to understand the profound and complex wounds suffered by the victims and their families. Given that knowledge, we are committed to respond with compassion and justice to those who have been harmed. We also commit ourselves to prevent, educate and respond in ways that we hope will reflect the examples and teachings of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi.

Pastoral care and conciliation

This site contains documents and resources pertaining to sexual abuse or misconduct. The spokesperson for the St. Joseph Province on matters related to sexual abuse/misconduct is Amy Peterson, director of the Office of Pastoral Care & Conciliation.

Amy Peterson
1927 N Vel R Phillips Ave
Milwaukee WI 53212-3611

Phone: (313) 688-4987
Email: [email protected]